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Cochrane Project

In May 2020, as part of the CAT Tools course, 1st-year students completed the Cochrane Project for Cochrane, an international organization ( based in London in May 202. The project was administered in cooperation with Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University and Cochrane Polska. Cochrane is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting medical personnel, patients, carers, researchers and funders by enhancing their healthcare knowledge and facilitating informed decision-making by gathering and summarising research evidence. Our students translated from English into Polish selected summaries of scientific publications in the field of medicine, which were later published on the Cochrane library website at: The texts serve those people seeking reliable information on topical medical issues, e.g. the benefits and risks of administering antimicrobial mouthwashes and nasal sprays to patients with COVID-19 to improve patient outcomes and protect healthcare workers treating them. On the one hand, the project work permitted the students to gain valuable experience in cooperation with a genuine client, while on the other hand, they created an opportunity for them to engage in socially beneficial activities. Another iteration of the project is being planned for the current academic year.