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Assistant lecturer in the Chair for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication. She was the principal investigator or researcher in many national and international research projects on audiovisual translation, media accessibility and accessible technologies, e.g., AudioMovie – Kino Dostępne dla Wszystkich (2015-2018), OpenArt – Sztuka Współczesna dla Wszystkich (2013-2016), ADLABPRO - Audio Description: A Laboratory for the Development of a New Professional Profile (2016-2019) or NEA - New Approaches to Accessibility: hybrid modalities, immersion and technology in audio description (2016-2018). Currently (2016-2019) postdoc at TransMedia Catalonia Research Group at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Audiovisual Translation - first academic journal dedicated entirely to audiovisual translation. Co-founder and president of the Seventh Sense Foundation which provides access services for persons with vision and hearing impairment. Audio describer and audiovisual translator. 

Academic interests

  • audiovisual translation (voice-over, dubbing, subtitling)

  • accessibility studies (audio description, subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, sign language, audiosubtitling)

  • access technologies (mobile applications, software)

  • psychophysiology

  • cognitive translation studies

Member of

  • European Association for Studies in Screen Translation

  • Polish Association of Audiovisual Translators (STAW)

  • TransMedia Catalonia Research Group

  • AVT Lab – Audiovisual Translation Research Lab

  • Intermedia – Audiovisual Translation Research Group

  • Consortium for Translation Education Research (CTER)

Selected conferences

  1. Jankowska, A. 2018. "Translation, crowdsourcing, collaboration and quality in audio description". Understanding Media Accessibility Quality International Conference, barcelona.

  2. Jankowska, A. 2017.  "How intercultural references are rendered in audio description?". Intermedia International Conference on Audiovisual Translation, Poznań.

  3. Jankowska, A. 2017. "Transfer of extralinguistic culture elements in audio description". Points of View in Translation and Interpreting, Kraków.

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  6. Jankowska, A., Szarkowska, A., Krejtz, K., Kowalski, J., Wichrowski, M., Piasecki, A. 2016. "OpenArt - Modern Art for All", Languages and the Media, Berlin.

Selected publications

  1. Jankowska, A. (2018). "Patrząc w przeszłość, patrząc w przyszłość - 10 lat audiodeskrypcji filmowej w Polsce", Między Oryginałem a Przekładem, 2(40), 139-158.
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