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Cooperation with EU institutions and work within EMT Technology Workgroup

The Jagiellonian University Chair for Translation Studies has developed an ongoing and fruitful cooperation with translation units of the European Union institutions. We have been host to several international events, conferences and #TranslatingEurope workshops jointly organised with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT), such as Points of View in Translator’s Competence and Translation Quality (Cracow, November 2015), Points of View in Translation and Interpreting (Cracow, June 2017), or Translation and Accessibility: a #TranslatingEurope workshop (Cracow, November 2017). This cooperation between the EU, the Jagiellonian University and other EMT network universities have resulted in a collective monograph (Svoboda, T., Biel, Ł., Łoboda, K. (eds.). (2017). Quality Aspects in Institutional Translation, Berlin: Language Science Press). We have also participated in the Visiting Translator Scheme of the European Commission.

As a member of DGT’s European Master’s in Translation network, we take part in the EMT translation technology group. The aim of the group, which gathers the EU staff, professionals, academics and researchers from various universities, is to discuss and provide an overview of the state-of-the-art technologies which are associated with translation. More specifically, the main themes discussed are the role of neural Machine Translation and other language processing technologies, not only in professional translation but also as tools to promote linguistic inclusion and accessibility to information, culture and entertainment in an ever more globalised and multilingual society. The group representatives take part in EMT Annual Meetings (recently in March 2021),  or #TranslatingEurope workshops and other events.