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dr Monika Zabrocka-Śliwka

Lecturer at the Chair for Translation Studies. In 2018 she obtained a PhD in Linguistics – the PhD thesis entitled ‘Efficacy of audio description dedicated to children within the functionalist approach to translation’ was submitted at the Pedagogical University of Krakow. In 2013-2015, she was a member of the team in The European Graduate Placement Scheme project focusing on the cooperation between academia and the translation services market. In the academic year 2018/2019 she completed a four-month research stay at New York University (Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders) as part of the Kosciuszko Foundation Grant – the project concerned the possibility of using AD as a tool enhancing the emotions processing by sighted children with intellectual and psycho-emotional disorders (a publication on the results of the pilot study carried out as part of the internship is being prepared). In 2019, her project on the use of alternative audio description techniques in education (submitted under the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie 2019 Actions Programme) was awarded by the European Commission with the Certificate Seal of Excellence.

Research interests

  • audiovisual translation: dubbing, songs translation, subtitling, voice-over, audio description and subtitles for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing;
  • compensatory education and alternative and augmentative communication;
  • literary and poetic translation (with particular emphasis on children's literature);
  • linguistic worldview and translations of culturally specific issues;
  • new technologies in the translation process; 
  • reception of antiquity in the literature and art of later epochs;
  • French literature of the 20th century and newer

Membership in professional associations

  • CTER (Consortium for Translation Education Research)
  • RaAM (Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor)
  • Small Talk Lab (at Steinhardt New York University)

Selected publications

  1. Antigone, Jean Anouilh; translation and translator’s preface – M. Zabrocka, introduction – dr J. Filonik, editor-in-chief – prof. dr hab. M. Szymański. (in press)
  2. Zabrocka, M. 'Audio description accompanying video content as a compensatory tool in socialization and cognitive-linguistic development of children with visual impairment: The search for theory for alternative AD application ' [in] Educational and Developmental Psychologist. (in press)
  3. Zabrocka, M. 'Język polskiej audiodeskrypcji dla dzieci i młodzieży w ujęciu funkcjonalnym' / 'Language of Polish AD scripts dedicated to children and teenagers within a functionalist approach to translation' [in] Edukacja wizualna osób niewidomych. Wybrane zagadnienia. Wydawnictwo Naukowe UKSW. (in press)
  4. Zabrocka, M. 2019. 'Speaking metaphor in audio description for children' [in] Culture, Language and Representation, 22, 153-169.
  5. Zabrocka, M. 2018. 'Rhymed and traditional audio description according to the blind and partially sighted audience: Results of a pilot study on creative audio description' [in] JoSTrans. Journal of Specialised Translation, 29, 212-236.
  6. Zabrocka, M. 2017. 'Emocje odzyskane w tłumaczeniu: o audiodeskrypcji artystycznej i przekładzie humoru' / 'Emotions restored in translation: on audio description and humour translation' [in] Przekładaniec. A journal of translation studies, 35/2017, 107-127.
  7. Jankowska, A., Zabrocka, M. 2016. 'How co-speech gestures are rendered in Audio Description – a case study' [in:] Researching Audio Description. New Approaches, A. Matamala, P. Orero (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, 169-186.
  8. Kwiatek, E., Zabrocka, M. 2016. 'Targi Europejskiego Programu Studenckich Praktyk Zawodowych w Barcelonie (sprawozdanie)' / 'The Fair of the European Student Work Placement Programme in Barcelona (Report)' [in] Rocznik przekładoznawczy (XI) Studia nad teorią, praktyka i dydaktyką przekładu, 323-328.
  9. Zabrocka, M. 2014. 'Audiodeskrypcja dla dzieci – audiodeskrypcja szczególna?' / 'Audio description for children – a special audio description?' [in] Rocznik przekładoznawczy (IX) Studia nad teorią, praktyka i dydaktyką przekładu, 247-260.
  10. Kwiatek, E., Zabrocka, M. 2014. 'EGPS – nowe możliwości na drodze kształcenia przyszłych tłumaczy (sprawozdanie)' / 'EGPS – New Possibilities in the Future Translators’ Education (Report)' [in] Rocznik przekładoznawczy (IX) Studia nad teorią, praktyka i dydaktyką przekładu, 351-354.

Selected conferences

  1. 2019. 'Metaphorical AD: On the importance of the visual and aural stimuli for the process of figurative language processing'. 8th Media for All: Complex Understandings, Stockholm, Sweden.
  2. 2018. 'Speaking metaphor in audio description for children'. 12th Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference, Hong Kong, China.
  3. 2017. 'Rhymed vs. traditional audio description'. Conference on Accessibility in Film, Television and Interactive Media, York, Great Britain.
  4. 2017. 'Audio describing as a purposeful activity: about the language of children’s AD in relation to its planned function' (individual talk), 'Reading speed in AD' (multi-author talk prepared in the frames of the project Audio Movie – Cinema for All. ArsAD 2017, Barcelona, Spain.
  5. 2015. 'Audio Description as a tool for linguistic worldview creation'. Audio Description and Education Symposium: Children are the Future, Warsaw, Poland.
  6. 2015. 'Poetics of gesture: how are gestures rendered in AD?' (co-author: dr Anna Jankowska). ArsAD 2015, Barcelona, Spain.
  7. 2014. 'Culturally problematic issues in English, German and French renditions of a Polish comedy Ewa chce spać’ (co-author: mgr Jadwiga Suwaj). 10th Languages and The Media, Berlin, Germany.
  8. 2014. 'Audio Description in movies and TV programmes for children – new challenges and possibilities'. Sociolinguistics Symposium 20, Jyväskylä, Finland.
  9. 2013. 'Audio Description – verbs and sounds creating the movie's scenes' (co-author: mgr Barbara Szymańska, Audiodeskrypcja Foundation. Intermedia 2013, Lodz, Poland.
  10. 2013. 'Audio Description as a tool for creating the linguistic image of the world by the blind children'. 5th Media for All – Audiovisual Translation: Expanding Borders, Dubrovnik, Croatia.