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dr Caterina Squillace




Assistant Professor at the Chair for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication since 2008. Graduated at the University Degli Studi in Pisa (Italy) in 1991 she immediately started working as interpreter and translator (working languages: Russian and English). During her PhD Studies at the University La Sapienza in Rome, she was granted with a scholarship at the Jagiellonian University and later received   her PhD degree at the same university in Cracow in 2005. Since 2002 employed at the  Jagiellonian University. From the very beginning she has combined her work in academia with several experiences as interpreter and translator mainly of legal  and medical texts. At the Chair she runs both MA seminars in translation studies as well as translation workshops. Caterina does research in Semiotics, Literary Theory, Text Linguistics, Discourse Analysis and Cognitive Semantics. This interdisciplinary theoretical framework is applied to culture and translation issues in Slavic Languages, with a particular interest for Central and Eastern Slavic cultures. She is also interested in intersemiotic translation.

Currently working on a project whose aim is to explain which is the role of text and translation in culture and crosscultural communication.


Academic interest

  • Culture in translation
  • Culture semiotics
  • Biosemiotics
  • The role of grammar in the building process of cultural identity
  • cultural elements in intersemiotic translation

Member of

  • International association for Semiotic Studies
  • Nordic Association of Semiotics
  • International Society for Biosemiotic Studies
  • Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies
  • American association of Slavic and East European Languages

Udział w konferencjach (wybór)

  1. Squillace C. 2016. „Zróżnicowanie kulturowe a uzus: problem tłumaczenia niektórych metafor i metonimii w tekstach informacyjno-prasowych” [Cultural differences and use: problems concerning translation of some metaphors and metonymies in media texts], Konferencja pt “Norma a uzus Przekład specjalistyczny w perspektywie globalizacji” [Conference “Norms and use: specialized translation in globalisation perspective], UAM Poznań, Poland
  2. Squillace C. 2015. „Zróżnicowanie kulturowe w przekładzie a badania jakościowe i mieszane” [Cultural differences in translation and qualitative and mixed methods in research], XII  Studencko-Doktorancka Konferencja Naukowa pt „Metodologia mieszana w nauce o informacji i innych naukach” [Conference for students and scholars devoted to mixed methods in information science and other research fields],  IINIB UJ, Kraków, Poland.
  3. Squillace, C. 2013. “Toward a culture-oriented interdisciplinary methodological approach in translators’ training”. Methodological Challenges for Contemporary Translator Educators, Kraków, Poland.
  4. Squillace, C. 2011. “Dialog as the fundamental mechanism of translation”. Translation is the language of Europe (Umberto Eco), Vilnius, Lithuania.
  5. Squillace, C. 2010. “The Role of Translation and Translator in the Early Humanist Culture”. Between Cultures and Texts: Itineraries in Translation History, Tallinn, Estonia.